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Checkpoints magazine is the United States Air Force Academy Association of Graduates' flagship communication piece. This award-winning magazine provides an excellent opportunity to get your company name and mission in front of current cadets, graduates and some of the most important military and business leaders in the world.

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Included in the magazine are articles written by AOG and USAFA leadership, news about base happenings and events, general interest pieces, and a dedicated section for alumni-specific announcements and updates. Published quarterly, March, June, September and December. Checkpoints quarterly circulation is over 31,000 and delivered to every U.S. Air Force Base in the world.

In addition it is distributed digitally on the Association of Graduates website

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Read Select Checkpoints Articles

March 2014 Checkpoints

March 2014

The First Frontier
By David Bergeman

One Big Team
By Jennifer Bateman, USAFA Endowment Vice President for Development

The Legend of the 37th Squadron Smilers
By Geoffrey P. Michael '73 and Clarence S. Bromberek '73

March 2013 Checkpoints

March 2013

Hearts and Bones
Written by Bill Thomas

2012 Distinguished Graduates
Written and Photographed by Lewis Carlyle

Team Handball
Text by David Bergeman | Images by Lewis Carlyle

The Privilege of a Lifetime
By WIlliam "T" Thompson '73, AOG President and CEO

June 2012 Checkpoints

June 2012

Up to the Challenge
By Gen. Norton Schwartz '73

Engineering Hope
Written by David Bergeman, Photos by Lewis Carlyle

Academy Spirits:
A Guide to Graduate Crafted Libations

The Surreal Odyssey of Charles Justiz
By David Bergeman

Four Stars for History
By David Bergeman

Leading with Character on a Global Scale
An Interview with Ron Rand, Senior Vice President of Communications, Lockheed Martin

String Theory: Striking a Chord with the Cadet Orchestra
Written and Photographed by Lewis Carlyle

CEO Update: The Cycle Continues
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

March 2012 Checkpoints

March 2012

2011 Distinguished Graduate Award Winners
Presented by your Association of Graduates

Skitopia: Shredding the Rockies with the Falcon Ski Team
By Lewis Carlyle

The Diversity Mosaic: Fostering a Diverse Academy
By David Bergeman

Culinary Academy: A Guide to Grad Owned Eateries

Archiving the Academy's Attic: Rediscovering the Gimbel Collection
By David Bergeman

The USAFA Cyber Competition Team Prepares for Digital Battle
By David Bergeman

CEO Update: Serving the Long Blue Line
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

December 2011 Checkpoints

December 2011

Rock Savvy at Altitude with Cadet Mountaineering
By Lewis Carlyle

Hands-On History: National Teacher of the Year Finalist Helps Students Take History to Heart
By David Bergeman

Horse Masters: In the Saddle with the Cadet Equestrian Team
By Lewis Carlyle

A Break in the Storm: USAFA's K-12 STEM Outreach Center Works to Engage Southern Colorado Youth
By David Bergeman

The AOG Unveils 50th Class Reunion Award

Remembering the Red Tails
By Lewis Carlyle

Freedom Radio: Cadet Led Radio Station KAFA Has a Growing Global Reach
By Crystal Ross

Coming Soon: The First Feature-Length Documentary to Explore Cadet Life at the Academy
By David Bergeman

CEO Update: A Time for Reflection and Appreciation
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

September 2011 Checkpoints

September 2011

Making History: The Honorable Heather Wilson, '82, runs for U.S. Senate
By Crystal Ross

Bio Fuel
By Lewis Carlyle

Cadre's Challenge
By Lewis Carlyle

The Golden Boys: Class of 1961 Short History
By Hector Andres Negroni, '61

The Value of Compassion
By First Lt. Josh V. Barlow, '08

The Lightweight Fight of the Century:
YF-16 vs. YF-17

By Geoffrey P. Michael, '73

Against All Odds: Laughlin AFB Amputee Earns His Wings
By Senior Airman Scott Saldukas

The Way of Fist and Foot: Cadets Practice the Art of Taekwondo
By Lewis Carlyle

June 2011 Checkpoints

June 2011

CEO Update
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

By Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, '76

The Spin: Falcon Cycling
By Lewis Carlyle

Prior Enlisted Cadet Assembly
By Lewis Carlyle

Marathon Memoirs
By Caroline White, '07

Warrior Games
By Lewis Carlyle

Breaking New Ground: USAFA Endowment
Gen. (Ret.) Steve Lorenz, '73

March 2011 Checkpoints

March 2011

The Value of Relationships
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

Cadet Combat Shooting Team
By Lewis Carlyle

Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Shelter
By Col. Martin France, '81

Mountain West Conference
By Steve Simon, '77

2010 Distinguished Graduates
By Lewis Carlyle

Philmont Ranger Scouts
By C1C Patrick Tracy

Ideas for the Future
Amy Gillentine

Academy Assembly
C2C Zachary Crippen

December 2010 Checkpoints

December 2010

2011 Perspective
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

Superintendent's Update

By Lt. Gen. Mike Gould, '76

Commander in Cheif's Trophy
By Lewis Carlyle

Flight of the Falcon
By Lewis Carlyle

Going the Distance
By Lewis Carlyle

Falcon Rifle Team
By Lewis Carlyle

Operation Homefront
By Lewis Carlyle

Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion
By Lewis Carlyle

Beyond Mitch's Cookbook
By Lewis Carlyle

September 2010 Checkpoints

September 2010

The More Things Change. . .
By William 'T' Thompson, '73
President and CEO of the AOG

Shamrock Black: Life Savers in Afghanistan
By Lewis Carlyle

Visions of Haiti
By Lewis Carlyle

70th Flying Training Squadron
By Lewis Carlyle

Heros on the Water
By Lewis Carlyle

June 2010 Checkpoints

June 2010

Building the Infrastructure
By William 'T' Thompson, '73

The Indoor Training Facility
By Ann Collum

We Win as a Wing, We Lose as a Wing
By Gen. Stephen Lorenz, '73

Live High, Train Low. The Human Performance Lab
By Lewis Carlyle

Torrid Horizon: Grads in Afghanistan
By Lt. Col. Steve Orie, '90

World Class Athlete Programsd
By Lewis Carlyle

Fire in the Sky: The Airborne Laser
By Lewis Carlyle


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