Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can you give me directions to the AOG (Doolittle Hall)?
    When entering through the south entrance of the Air Force Academy (exit 150 of I-25 or North Academy Boulevard), follow South Gate Boulevard which becomes Stadium Boulevard after crossing over the railroad tracks. Stay on Stadium Boulevard until you pass the football stadium. Turn left (west, toward the mountains) at the first intersection past the stadium onto Academy Drive. Doolittle Hall is approximately 2 miles ahead on the right just past the Falcon Club (formerly the Officers Club.) A statue of Pegasus is in the traffic circle in front of the building.
  2. How do I contact someone at the AOG?
    AOG employees do not have direct phone lines. All AOG employees can be reached through the central phone lines at (719) 472-0300, DSN 333-2067, via email or at the address below. Contact Us.

    Association Of Graduates
    3116 Academy Drive
    USAF Academy CO 80840-4475
  3. How do I learn more about the AOG and its mission?
    Our website contains voluminous information about AOG history, mission and accomplishments. Begin by clicking on the following link to AOG History.
  4. Can I use Doolittle Hall for my function/event?
    Doolittle Hall is available to rent for private functions. Details can be found here.
  5. How do I update my address?
    Your contact information can be updated online or by calling Customer Service at (719) 472-0300, DSN 333-2067.
  6. How do I notify the AOG/Academy if I learn of the death of a grad?
    The AOG wishes to know about the death of any graduate. Click on the following link for information on how to notify us and the services we provide. Gone But Not Forgotten.
  7. What is my AOG ID number and how do I find it?
    Look up AOG ID. If you are a graduate, your AOG ID number also appears to the left of your name in the Register of Graduates. It is also routinely included on mailing labels for items sent to you. All members and graduates can also call the AOG Customer Service office ((719) 472-0300 or DSN 333-2067) to request their number.
  8. What do I do if my class ring has been lost or stolen or if I have found a class ring?
    Complete information about all the AOG Ring Programs can be found here.
  9. Can I purchase a cadet saber?
    The AOG sells the cadet saber to graduates. For current pricing of the saber, please contact the AOG at (719) 472-0300 or DSN 333-2067.
  10. Does the AOG sell the saber mounting boxes?
    We do not sell the mounting/display cases for the cadet saber. We have information on one source for these cases. Contact the AOG for that information if you are unable to find a source in your area.
  11. Does the AOG provide sabers for weddings?
    The AOG rents saber sets. The sabers are packaged in sets of six and are not rented in lesser quantities. To inquire about the availability of sabers for a particular date and for the current rental rates, please contact the AOG at (719)-472-0300 or DSN 333-2067.
  12. Can I order cadet issue items such as bathrobes and parkas?
    Most of these are special order items that we are able to procure only after these items have been issued to the cadet wing. We will be pleased to try to fill your order but cannot guarantee that any specific item will be available.
  13. Where can I find admissions information?
    The Academy Admissions Office website is
  14. How do I get a copy of my cadet records/transcripts or get my diploma repaired/replaced?
    Contact the USAFA Office of the Registrar at (719) 333-3970 or DSN 333-3970.

    Also go to, Click on Academics >> Registrar >> Customer Services>> Records Requests
  15. Does my cadet time count when computing service years for retirement (or other) purposes?
    Generally, cadet time can not be used for computing length of service for any purpose. Federal law (US Code, Title 10, Section 971) says "Service credit: officers may not count service performed while serving as a cadet or midshipman." Subsequent sub-paragraphs discuss this issue in more depth.
  16. How do I contact agencies and offices at the Air Force Academy?
    Our AOG website contains many commonly called numbers: Academy Phone Numbers. You may also call the Academy Directory Assistance at (719) 333-1110, or call AOG Customer Service and we will attempt to help you.
  17. When does my cadet get released for Thanksgiving/Winter/Spring Break?
    The Academy scheduling sets the dates for release for the holiday breaks and cadets are not released until after the last military duty (LMD) or last final, whichever is later. Since departures will vary for each cadet, the cadet or the Squadron AOC are the best persons to determine when the cadet can leave.
  18. How can I get my cadet to the airport?
    Contact the Outdoor Recreation Center in Vandenburg Hall, (719) 333-3138/4602, to arrange for transportation to and from the airports during the Thanksgiving and Winter Breaks.
  19. When is graduation?
    Under current practices, the graduation ceremony is always scheduled for the Wednesday after Memorial Day. The earliest date would be May 27 and the latest date would be June 2. Consult a calendar for the specific year in which you are interested.
  20. Can I arrange for a tour of the Academy?
    The Academy, the Visitor Center, the Cadet Chapel, the Field House and the Athletic Department Hall of Excellence are open to the public. If the security threat increases, access to the Academy may be restricted. Access to the Cadet Area is restricted at all times and a military ID card is insufficient to gain access. Graduates may tour the Cadet Area during reunions. AOG members may arrange for tours of the cadet area by calling (719-472-0300) or emailing AOG Customer Service.
  21. What does the AOG do?
    Please click here for a complete list .
  22. Who should I contact 'to get their metal plaque style diploma repaired'?
    MTM Recognition
    3405 SE 29th St
    Oklahoma City, OK 73115

    (404) 670-4545 commercial
    (800) 324-5997
    POC: Eddie Mann ext 6908
  23. Who do I contact to request copies of my cadet records, transcripts or commissioning paperwork?
    Contact the USAFA Registrar's office. You may call them at (719) 333-3970 and all of the information they require can be found on their website at