In 1965, the conflict in Vietnam began to escalate, and U.S. involvement became more prominent with U.S. forces stepping up their air attacks over North Vietnam. Although only seven classes had graduated, many Academy graduates took part in these air attacks.

In the early days, the AOG was operated as an additional duty by select Academy staff members. In 1968, the AOG became incorporated as a Colorado charitable non-profit organization operated entirely by graduate volunteers assigned to the Academy staff. In 1983, the first non-active duty executive was hired to take over the operation of the AOG.

Under the leadership of Richard Coppock, '61, the AOG grew from a handful of employees operating out of a couple of rooms in Sijan Hall to our own building, Doolittle Hall, in 1992. Doolittle Hall was our first major fund raising effort. Today, the AOG has a substantial workforce yet still relies on volunteers, chapters and affinity groups for hosting events, social gatherings or just being ambassadors for the Academy.