About Checkpoints

Checkpoints magazine is the Association of Graduates' signature communications piece. From its humble beginnings as a black and white news print in 1965 to the award-winning publication you are reading today, the magazine has evolved into a visual showcase of USAFA. Yet despite its evolutionary track across the decades, this publication still seeks the same objective that it did at the time of its inception: to tell the Academy and Graduate stories.

Checkpoints is published in March, June, September and December and is filled with pages of information about graduates, cadets and the Academy. It is the only magazine of its kind for the Academy and is mailed to all members of the AOG.

The magazine is an award-winning publication, recognized by the Council for Advancement and Support of Education for excellence in college and university magazine publication.

Checkpoints Staff

Look for more information soon about the award-winning Checkpoints magazine and the excellent staff that puts it together. Tom Kroboth puts together your class news and obituaries, and has been with the AOG for over 30 years.

Bob McAllister
Sr. VP Communications

Jeff Holmquist
Senior Editor

Sarah Larrabee
Creative Director

Tom Kroboth
Class News
Obituary Editor

Eric Costello
Graphic Designer

Ryan Hall

Technical Support:

Troy Surratt
Dir. Web Communications
Toby Lortz
Lead Programmer
Albert Gilligan
Systems Admin
Nick Johannsen
Johnny Bollman
Help Desk Specialist

Contact Us

Please email us at editor@aogusafa.org and read more on how you can interact with Checkpoints online!