Class of 1973

Class of 1973

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Class of 1973 - Key Data

  • Appointed:1406 on Monday, June 23, 1969
  • Graduated:844 on Wednesday, June 6, 1973
  • Commissions:
  • USAF-835
  • US Marine Corps-2
  • Foreign-3
  • Not commissioned-4
  • Graduation Speaker:
  • Senator Barry Goldwater
  • Presented Commissions:
  • Senator Barry Goldwater
  • Presented Diplomas:
  • Senator Barry Goldwater
  • Cadet Wing Commanders:
  • Kees W. Rietsema (Fall and Spring)
  • Scholarships:
  • Rhodes: Klotz, Frank G.; Guggenheim: Lemons, James L.; Olmsted: Schrupp, David M., Stratton, Robert A.; Wolfe: Vanells, Marc,; Hertz: Keesee, John E.; Football Hall of Fame: Homburg, Robert C.
  • All-Americans (sports):
  • Orderia Mitchell (Football); Gene Ogilvie (Football); Bill Ritter (Gymnastics); Steve Rosetti (Pistol); Kirk Donaldson (Wrestling); Ken Donaldson (Wrestling)
  • Class Officers:
  • President: Ron Scott, Vice President: Bill Diffley, Scribe/Checkpoints: Mike Arnett, Senator: AJ Ranft, Historian: Don Rightmyer, Secretary: Jon Stefonik, Treasurer: Kelly McCullar

Class Motto: Pax In Tempore Nostro (Peace In Our Time)

Contributions of Graduates:

William Gillin receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (1981).

William Thompson named President and CEO of the Summit Group Companies (1981).  Named President and CEO of USAFA AOG (2008).

Sidney Gutierrez, Astronaut (1985).

l. Blaine Hammond, Astronaut (1985).

Larry Faber receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (1986).

Chesley Sullenberger safely lands disabled US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River, saving all 155 passengers and crew. (2009).

Chesley Sullenberger receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (2009).

John Regni named Superintendent of USAFA (2005).

Norton Schwartz becomes Chief of Staff USAF (2008).

Steve Lorenz named USAFA Distinguished Graduate (2017).

John Barry named Chief Executive Officer of the Wings over the Rockies Air and Space Museum (2017).

Bruce Wright named President of the Air Force Association (2019).