Class of 1992

Class of 1992

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Class of 1992 - Key Data

  • Appointed:1485 on Monday, June 27, 1988
  • Graduated:1076 on Wednesday, May 27, 1992
  • Commissions:
  • USAF-1053
  • US Army-3
  • US Navy-5
  • US Marine Corps-5
  • Foreign-10
  • Graduation Speaker:
  • Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States
  • Presented Commissions:
  • Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States
  • Presented Diplomas:
  • Dan Quayle, Vice President of the United States
  • Cadet Wing Commanders:
  • Erik D. Rydberg (Fall), John C. Kubinec (Spring)
  • Scholarships:
  • Fulbright: Fryer, Wesley A., Holder, Frank L.; JFK: Aukema, Amy L., Dawson, Chris J., Fisher, Scott C., Starr (Jeanes), Michael B.; Guggenheim: Brule, Mark T., Ohotnicky, Peter P., Rickard, Michael G.; Draper: Clark, Anne L., Hassania, Jeff H.; Wolfe; Holder, Frank L.; Gerhart: Miller, Rex H., Streeter, Suzanne F.;
  • All-Americans (sports):
  • Troy Simon (Baseball); Trevor Errington Gray III (Boxing, 2 time); Ronald Brown (Boxing, 2 time); Andrew Hamann (Boxing); William Meshack (Boxing); Mark Mount (Boxing); Ronald Tewksbury (Boxing); Thomas Drape (Boxing); Chris Nelson (Cross Country); Francois Desamours (Fencing, 3 time); Jason Crist (Football); Ron Gray (Football); Joel Miller (Gymnastics); Jim Meger (Rifle, 6 time); Dave Chaney (Water Polo); Kelly Kirkpatrick (Cross Country); Michelle Carson (Gymnastics, 2 time); Beth Peterson (Swimming); Angela Slagel(Swimming, 2 time); Monica Davis (Tennis); Leah Dennie (Volleyball)
  • Class Officers:
  • President: Paul S. Bovankovich; Scribe: James S. Mehta

Class Motto: Semper Excelsior (Always Higher)

Contributions of Graduates:

Leighton Anderson receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (2003).

Edward Lengel receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (2003).

Jason Hanover receives Jabara Award for Airmanship (2004).

Richard Bailey named President of Northern New Mexico College (2016).

Steven Barrows named Provost and Dean of Faculty at Acquinas College (2016).

Jerry DeMaio appointed Administrative Judge for the U. S. Department of Labor (2017).

Scott Jones receives the General Larry D. Welch Officer Award from the Air Force Association (2017).

Longinos Gonzales appointed to the Colorado Board of Veterans' Affairs (2018).