Class of 1998

Class of 1998

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Class of 1998 - Key Data

  • Appointed:1215 on Friday, July 1, 1994
  • Graduated:947 on Wednesday, May 27, 1998
  • Commissions:
  • USAF-920
  • US Army-4
  • US Navy-5
  • US Marine Corps-2
  • Posthumous-2
  • Foreign-8
  • Not commissioned-6
  • Graduation Speaker:
  • General Michael E. Ryan (Class of 1965) Chief of Staff, USAF
  • Presented Commissions:
  • General Michael E. Ryan (Class of 1965) Chief of Staff, USAF
  • Presented Diplomas:
  • General Michael E. Ryan (Class of 1965) Chief of Staff, USAF
  • Cadet Wing Commanders:
  • Matthew A. Hayden (Fall) Scott M. Tomlinson (Spring)
  • Scholarships:
  • JFK: Crimmel, Beth Leah, Raines, Christopher Reed, Saunders, Jeremy Christian, Volkland, Wendy Jo; Nutter: Foster, Jason Pryce; MIT: Freedman, Jeffrey Harris, Hacker, Troy LeRoy; Draper:Hague, Tyler Nicklaus, McKeever, Scott Douglas; Gerhart: Pearson, Max Edward; East-West: Seals, Jeremy Chad
  • All-Americans (sports):
  • Julius A. Kinkle (Boxing, 2 time); Peter Lueck, Ryan Mahoney, Geoff Jensen (Gymnastics); Zach Smith (Indoor Track); Matt Johnson (Rifle, 2 time); Michelle Truesdale (Cross Country, 2 time); Michelle Roxburgh (Gymnastics, 4 time); Jennifer Petykowski (Indoor Track, 2 time); Beth Zeman (Swimming, 14 time); Krista Steenbergen, Amy Hennies (Swimming, 10 time); Jean Tukey (Swimming, 9 time); Jenna Tukey (Swimming, 6 time); Alyssa Cowden, Elly Bunzendahl (Swimming)
  • Class Officers:
  • President: Danny A. Campos; Scribe: Pat Fox

Class Motto: Dominato Ob Excellantiam (Domination Through Excellence)

THE "EAGLE AND FLEDGLINGS" STATUESymbolizes the academic rigor of the Academy.THE CADET CHAPELA major architectural landmark, represents the spiritual, moral, and ethical growth ofcadets.

THE PROP AND WINGSThe cadet collar insignia signifies the military growth of cadets. It also represents a linkagewith the past-the insignia of the Army Air Corps.

THE AMERICAN FLAGSignifies service to country.

THE AIRCRAFTTwo F-15s and an A-10, reminds us of the Air Force mission and totals 40, the number ofthe graduating class.

Contributions of Graduates:

Kyle Pumroy receives the General Bernard Schriever Award from the National Space Club (2017).

Marty Crawford inducted into the Hall of Fame at Humansville High School, Missouri (2017).

Mark Sundlov named Director of the Soldiers Memorial Military Museum, St. Louis, Missouri (2018).