Class of 2003

Class of 2003

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Class of 2003 - Key Data

  • Appointed:1330 on Thursday, July 1, 1999
  • Graduated:995 on Wednesday, May 28, 2003
  • Commissions:
  • USAF-977
  • US Army-4
  • US Navy-1
  • US Marine Corps-1
  • Posthumous-1
  • Foreign-10
  • Not commissioned-1
  • Graduation Speaker:
  • The Honorable James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force
  • Presented Commissions:
  • The Honorable James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force, Ge
  • Presented Diplomas:
  • The Honorable James G. Roche, Secretary of the Air Force, General John P. Jumper, Chief of Staff, USAF
  • Cadet Wing Commanders:
  • Todd S. Garner (Fall) Jeffrey S. Cameron (Spring)
  • Scholarships:
  • Holaday: Bronder, Timothy Justin; RAND: Hill, Owen Jacob; Draper: Akin, James Joseph, Earnest, Caleb Aaron, Hickie, Mark MacLeod, Malasky, Jeremy Scott,Morales, Daniel Mark, Postma, Barry Dirk,Sullivan, Michael James, Van Beusekom, Craig Joseph, Wroten, Matthew Christian; JFK: Blew, William Bryan, Doyle, Susan Lynn, Rosenow, Mark Francis, Whiting, Richard Guiles; Gerhart: Giraud, Antonia Renee; Hertz: Robarge, Tyler William; MIT: Sakai, Mark; Lawson: Wolfe, Adam Chandler; Nutter: Wolfe, Adam Chandler; Wolfe: Tomlin, Jared Austin
  • All-Americans (sports):
  • Chris Robinette, Ulysses Linares, Jake Hostetler, Frankie Woods, Thomas Parker (Boxing); Weston "Seth" Kelsey (Fencing, 4 time); AAron Jackson (Gymnastics, 10 time); Justin Jones (Gymnastics); Kevin Hoy (Wrestling, 2 time); Kim Broughton, Jennifer Dougherty (Gymnastics, 9 time); Allison Todd (Gymnastics, 8 time)
  • Class Officers:
  • President: Richard G. Whiting; Scribe: Susan Lynn (Doyle) Maly

Class Motto: Fortis et Robustus (Strong And Mighty)

THE AMERICAN FLAGThe American Flag signifies the blood shed and loyalty of our servicemen whohave gone before us. (The class chose to show 3 stripes and 3 stars to reflecttheir class year)

THE CADET CHAPELThe Chapel represents the moral and ethical standards instilled in each memberof the class in their time at the Academy. (The class chose to show 3 spires toreflect their class year)

THE AIRCRAFTThe three F-15s remind us of the exciting, high-paced, and unique future thatawaits us in the United States Air Force.

Contributions of Graduates:

Owen Hill elected to the Colorado State Senate (2012).

Robert Walker receives the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association's Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award. (2014).

Pat McGeehan elected to the West Virginia House of Delegates (2014).