Base Access for Academy Grads


Your Air Force Academy is an active air force base which also houses a major college. The Academy, as a result of 9/11 and more recent events, has had to increase security and severely restrict access to non-Department of Defense (DoD) affiliated people. Unlike most other air force installations, the Academy mission requires that large numbers of non-DoD personnel be allowed on some portions of the reservation. This is especially true of our Academy graduates. After spending four years at USAFA and submitting themselves to this arduous training, they literally demand to have access to their alma mater whether they are DoD affiliated or not. The Academy has, therefore, made significant changes that will allow graduates access to the areas they are most likely to want to visit. THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION EXPLAINS THE NEW PROCEDURES.


Effective immediately, the security perimeter has been pulled back so that non-DoD affiliated visitors may get to Falcon Stadium, Doolittle Hall, the golf course, the cemetery, the hospital, the Visitors Center, the Field House, the Hall of Excellence and Cadet Gymnasium and athletic fields THROUGH THE NORTH GATE BETWEEN 0900 AND 1700 DAILY. Graduates without ID cards need only show their driver’s license at the NORTH GATE between those hours to obtain access.

There are security checkpoints by Falcon Stadium and the Hospital which prevent access to the housing areas, the community center, Air Academy High School, the airfield and the Service and Supply area between 0900 and 1700 daily. If a non-DoD affiliated graduate requires access to these areas or requires access to the Academy before 0900 and/or after 1700, we now have the capability to issue an access badge.

This access badge will allow Air Force Academy graduates and selected alumni to enter the Academy by either the north or south gates and pass through the internal checkpoints at any time of day and to vouch for anyone in their car.

The badge DOES NOT allow graduates to enter the cadet area, use cadet facilities, or use commissary, Exchange or other base facilities.


  1. Print out USAFA Form 126 from this website. Complete Sections I and II and fax or mail the form to the AOG. Include a cover sheet stating the date that you intend to pick up your badge.

    Mail to:
    AOG Customer Service
    3116 Academy Dr
    USAFA, CO 80840-4475
    Fax to:
    AOG Customer Service (719) 333-4194

  3. Provide all information required on the form. The 10th ABW requires the graduate’s full name, date of birth, driver’s license number and issuing state so that a NCIC and CCIC computer background check can be conducted. Graduates who do not wish to submit to a background check will not be issued a badge.

  4. Submit the information to the AOG at least five (5) business days prior to your desired badge issue date.

  5. Report in person to Doolittle Hall during normal business hours (0800 – 1630) to have the badge issued. Badges may not be mailed to graduates. The process must be followed and the badge must be issued to and signed for by the graduate at Doolittle Hall.

Badges ARE NOT REQUIRED for reunions, Parents Weekend, Inprocessing or other Academy/AOG-sponsored events. Badges WILL NOT BE ISSUED during these events due to the high AOG workload requirements. A badge is not necessary if you will visit the Academy between 0900 and 1700 and you do not desire access to the restricted area.

The AOG is pleased to be able to offer the Academy’s solution to a problem that has annoyed graduates for many years.