Gifts at Work

  Propulsion Research Gets a Boost

The USAFA Endowment is pleased to announce that Pratt & Whitney, an American innovator and manufacturer in aerospace, will fund a research position at the United States Air Force Academy to support cadet-centered propulsion research in the Department of Aeronautics.

  Academic Impact Report

The USAFA Endowment invites you to review the 2015 Academic Impact Report. As you will read in the report, gifts to academics at the Academy have created tremendous opportunities for cadets in their pursuit of excellence.

  Air Force Test Center Trip Report

Read the Air Force Test Center Trip Report to learn about the impact that gifts to the Dean's Academic Fund have on the cadet learning experience.

  Second to None

The Class of '81 Endowment Fund introduces cadets to a global environment.

  Mission Not-So-Impossible: Going Off The Grid

The Boeing Company challenged cadets and midshipmen from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), the United States Military Academy (USMA), and the United States Naval Academy (USNA) to develop a plan to take their respective installation off of the local power grid by 2040.

  USAFA Golf Practice Facility Groundbreaking

The USAFA Endowment held a groundbreaking ceremony for the new USAFA Golf Team Practice Facility at the Eisenhower Golf Course

  Rising to the Challenge

The USAFA Endowment’s Academic Stewardship Committee creates a challenge to increase the margin of excellence.

  Cracking the Books: Academic Excellence

The San Remo LOAC competition, as well as the Jean-Pictet and Clara Barton International Law Competitions, are sponsored by the USAFA Endowment via the generous philanthropic support provided by Mike ’68 and Marie Parkinson. These gifts are part of a larger effort by the Endowment to invest in our cadets when federal funding alone falls short.

  Something to Call Their Own

Amidst a culture of apparent uniformity, the Academy is still an institution that fosters individual growth, diversity and personal accomplishments. Perhaps no cadet activity better promotes that individuality and diversity than a cadet’s involvement in a cadet club.

  Advancing Character and Leadership Development

Mr. Max James ’64 has made a generous contribution to underwrite the enhancement and relaunch of CCLD’s Journal of Character and Leadership Integration (JCLI). The new Editor-in-Chief for the JCLI, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Christopher Miller ’80 returns to his alma mater ready to guide the next stage of growth in the CCLD’s and the Academy’s core mission.

  Philanthropy at the Air Force Academy:
  A History of Giving

Since the inception of higher education in the United States, philanthropy has been a part of the funding model and has made a tremendous difference for colleges and universities. From the Academy’s first days, the generosity of donors has literally transformed its landscape.

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