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The mission of the United States Air Force Academy is to build leaders of character, motivated to lead the Air Force in service to our Nation. On behalf of Air Education and Training Command, the 306th Flying Training Group supports this mission by using aviation to build leaders of character and, more specifically, to develop airmanship, leadership, and excellence in our Air Force's future officers. Airmanship opportunities afforded to USAF Academy cadets range from soaring in gliders to free-fall parachuting to flying solo in powered aircraft. Each of these individual activities are collectively responsible for building leaders of character, many of whom will be motivated and inspired to pursue rated career fields essential for the defense of this Nation.

While our core airmanship programs are fully resourced and funded by Air Education Training Command as part of the annual DoD budget process, the 306th Flying Training Group seeks to be the premier officer development organization by securing the latest technologies and training techniques--above and beyond what standard resourcing will provide—to develop our airmanship cadets. Your donations will not only ensure these airmanship programs remain premier character and leadership development venues at our Nation's only United States Air Force Academy, but also that the very defense of our Nation is aptly upheld by the best-trained and most well-developed officers to ever join the Long Blue Line. Invest in our Nation's future by donating to the United States Air Force Academy's Airmanship Programs today!

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