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The modern profession of arms demands 360 degrees of excellence in its leaders: effective soft skills and behavioral competencies are now as crucial as strategic and technical knowledge. The Academy offers numerous activities in support of this objective, enabling cadets to gain real-world leadership experience outside of the classroom. These opportunities provide a valuable means for cadets to take the initiative in their personal development as they explore their interests and seek new challenges.

Ranging from cadet clubs and competitions to international cultural immersion and humanitarian programs, these cadet activities are generally not supported through federal funding. Private support helps provide competition entry fees, travel and equipment costs and many other benefits that make full participation possible to every cadet.

A portion of every donation to the Air Force Academy Fund supports Cadet Activities every year.  Annual gifts to the Air Force Academy Fund of $1,000 qualify donors for recognition in the Sabre Society.  Restricted gifts to other funds are not recognized in the same manner.

Cadet Activity Funds

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