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Character and leadership development, deliberately integrated with academic, athletic and military training, distinguishes the Academy from other institutions of higher-education. Character defines our professional military identity.

New cadets arrive at the Academy having attained the highest levels of academic, leadership or athletic achievement that are possible for persons of their age. They possess great potential for continued personal and professional success. But, even with their achievement and potential, the forces that shape our contemporary adolescent culture can yield personalities never before challenged to consider honesty, integrity, the welfare of others, or loyalty to an institution. Therein lies the challenge and need for character development at the Academy. Each year, support for character and leadership development programs supplements the basic necessities of preparing young officer candidates for service in our Air Force through a variety of character and leadership education programs, and unique service learning and personal development opportunities.

A portion of every donation to the Air Force Academy Fund supports Character and Leadership programs every year.  Annual gifts to the Air Force Academy Fund of $1,000 qualify donors for recognition in the Sabre Society.  Restricted gifts to other funds are not recognized in the same manner.

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