Carillon Bells Class of 1967

The Class of 1967's Gift Brings Music and Beauty to the Academy's Most Hallowed Ground

The American Legion Memorial has overlooked the USAFA Cemetery for the past ten years. However, its journey to that peaceful knoll on the west side of the cemetery grounds has been decades in the making. The memorial initially resided high on the hillside to the west of the Chapel. The distinctive structure, which is crowned by a Polaris, has been known by a multitude of names—some more irreverent than others. It has been called the Tower of Peace, the Tuning Fork and the Roach Clip. Now, through the efforts of the Class of 1967, this beautifully renovated memorial, which has been adorned with 25 cast bronze bells, will peacefully serenade those at the Academy Cemetery serving as a reminder of sacrifice, service and peace.

Read the full article by Bob Muldrow, '67, as it appeared in the December 2012 issue of Checkpoints.