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Each 4”x 8” paver can be inscribed with up to three lines of 13 characters per line. A blank space counts as one character. A blank space is required before and after “&” symbol. Lines will be centered horizontally and vertically on the paver and will use both upper and lower case letters. Use the blocks below for your inscription. Minor changes may be necessary to conform to engraver limitations.

Each row allows for 15 characters; however, the brick size may dictate as few as only 13 characters depending on the width of the letters in each row. Please be aware that using the entire line and including wide characters, such as “W”, may prevent your entire message from being engraved. If that should happen, the company responsible for engraving will contact you for an alternate message. (“Congratulations” will fit on a single line.)

Please type slowly. One character per box. The system will move between boxes for you.

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