Southeast Asia Pavilion

Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion - Phase II

Class of 1970

The Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion on the Heritage Trail, a gift from the Class of 1970, has already become a major point of interest on the Academy.

Phase I of the SEA Pavilion (the building, a bronze map of SEA and the exterior memorials) is complete. We are now beginning Phase II, an interactive computer presentation that will tell the general history of the war, Air Force operations, and graduate involvement, accomplishments, and memories.

We need your help! Our goal is collect stories, memories, photos, and videos capturing graduate involvement in SEA. Over time, more and more of this information will be added as the graduate community responds. Eventually, a separate website will be created that will hold even more detailed information.

The Class and the AOG have engaged the services of Post Modern Company, an acclaimed video and storytelling firm that has received numerous awards, including an Emmy, for its ability to transform information into stories that explain complex situations while exciting and educating viewers.

We are interested in collecting the following information in either written or recorded form:

  • Photos and videos of your time in SEA
  • Stories of missions you flew and operations you supported
  • Memories of graduate accomplishments
  • POW Experiences
  • Memories of life in SEA
  • Thoughts about the war and the times
  • KIA remembrances
  • Acts of Graduate valor

Southeast Asia Map:

Presently, a bronze map of SEA is the focal point of the interior of the Pavilion. This map will guide a lot of the content for the remainder the project and it may help graduates focus their recollections.

Some 40 specific locations are highlighted on the map and we invite graduates to comment on these areas. Your recollections, pictures, or videos of events may be used to capture the significance of these locations and graduate accomplishments surrounding the location. Another goal is to capture your recollections of air operations during the war and other personal experiences in the conflict. Click here for a list of some of the subjects we are interested in.

All materials should be sent to Post Modern Company using the company's submission guidelines. Please contact them directly with questions on how to submit.

Questions concerning the SEA Pavilion itself and the total project should be referred to:

Dick Rauschkolb, '70