About the United States Air Force Academy Endowment

We believe strongly, as many do, that our Academy is a vital national resource — one that is deserving of our emotional and financial support. The Academy's mission is simply too important to leave to the vagaries of federal funding alone. As a result, the USAFA Endowment will work actively to identify and to cultivate key relationships with current and potential Academy donors to support the Superintendent's strategic priorities.

We also believe that a foundation, singularly charged with the abiding stewardship of donated funds and constituted in such a way as to ensure the permanency and efficacy of the gift, is the most effective structure for providing this support to the Academy.

As a result, the founders of the USAFA Endowment chose to establish a new type of foundation and to memorialize a number of unique Founding Principles into the organizational bylaws.

   About the Endowment
USAFA Endowment