Class of ’67 50th Reunion Class Gift Campaign

After taking the summer off for family activities and travel, your Reunion Committee met November 12th to review the status of fundraising for our 50th Reunion in 2017. Your Reunion Committee wishes to communicate one important point: the 50th is the final time for solicitations for Class gifts to the Academy from 1967. As always, individuals can continue to contribute to worthwhile projects or programs should they desire.

We have embarked on raising gifts for five areas of support with respective goals. Below is a snapshot of where we stand on the five selected projects. Keep in mind that gifts to the Air Force Academy Fund / Sabre Society are appreciated and will be tracked but they are separate from our class gift projects.

  • The POW Memorial bronze plaque that will honor the 34 USAFA graduates who were POWs in the Vietnam War is fully funded to the tune of $11,600. This large bronze relief motif will reside on the outside of the Southeast Asia pavilion and will be completed in 2014. [Fund ID 516001] No further donations required.

  • The Carillon Maintenance account our Class voted to support at the business meeting during our 45th Reunion has $20,500 compared to the $20,000 goal. [Fund ID 526671]

  • The ’67 Breakout Room in the new Center for Character and Leadership Development (CCLD) building is fully funded. We reached our $100,000 goal! [Fund ID 524671]

  • The Legacy Class program (’67 is the legacy class for ’17 ... 50 years apart) will require us to raise $7,500 for engraved 2 Lt bars. Members of our Class will be invited to Graduation Week ceremonies to distribute gold bars to the Class of 2017. To date, we have reached our goal. [Fund ID 516002]

  • The Cemetery Upgrades Project will provide cemetery improvements and upgrades to our cemetery for all graduates and their loved ones. [Fund ID 524672]

With respect to other giving to USAFA, many graduates have asked: “What is the difference between the Air Force Academy Fund and the Sabre Society?” The simple answer is there is no difference. The Sabre Society merely recognizes a level of contribution to the Academy Fund. The minimum level each year for Sabre Society recognition is $1000. Our Class currently has 25 Sabre Society members. The Class of 1968 made a big Sabre Society push for their 45th and they now lead all classes with 72 Sabre Society members.

If you would like to participate by giving to the Air Force Academy Fund or another Academy Fund that interests you, please visit the USAFA Endowment menu of giving options at


In the year since our 45th Reunion, we’ve made significant progress. Thanks to all who have contributed to one or more of these five projects.

As the end of the year approaches, and you are able, please consider a tax-deductible contribution to a project you wish to support

Donations should be made through the USAFA Endowment and specify the particular fund and account number.

USAFA Endowment
3116 Academy Drive, Suite 200
USAFA, Colorado 80840

Thank you for your support!

Your Reunion Committee:
Roger Carleton, Bob Muldrow, Jack Fry, Frank Chuba, Tom Griesser, Gary Koldyke, Pete Kneppell, Jeff Schofield, Paul Henry, and Ralph Femrite (in memory).

USAFA Endowment