Class of 1985 30th Reunion Class Gift Project

In honor of our 30th reunion, the Class of 1985 has set out to raise $250,000 to support the renovation, maintenance, and programmatic use of the USAFA Planetarium.

The USAFA Planetarium was closed in 2004 due to outdated technology and a failing infrastructure. In 2012–2013, a Planetarium Task Force, chaired by General James P. McCarthy, USAF, Retired, conducted a feasibility study to determine the value and challenges presented by refurbishing the planetarium. The task force concluded that a refurbished planetarium will significantly benefit USAFA academics and research, student outreach, cadet leadership experiences, community relations, and visitor experience. Upon the completion of this study, the planetarium renovation was added to the list of approved Academy priorities.

The USAFA Endowment is currently working with the Academy to raise a total of $5 million for the project, of which over $1.2 million has already been raised.

In light of the compelling task force findings and the dramatic and continuing rise in the importance of the space domain in the mission of the United States Air Force, our 30th reunion class gift committee unanimously agreed that a planetarium project provides a unique opportunity to focus class generosity on an institutionally important initiative. Additionally, the Class committee has decided to dedicate this class gift to all our ’85 fallen classmates who have lost their lives while performing duties as an Air Force officer.

Our class gift will fund a specific element of the project, and will include both memorial and class attribution. In honor of our gift, our class will be recognized in one of the Planetarium’s control or conference rooms. The USAFA Endowment has a “no fees” structure for restricted class gift projects, so 100% of our class contributions to the project will be used for their intended purpose.

Our support of the Planetarium will be a lasting legacy of our Class of ’85.

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