Commemorative Pavers

A statue of Pegasus, the winged horse of Greek mythology and a symbol of the Air Force Academy, stands in front of Doolittle Hall. The area around the base of Pegasus is paved with granite bricks inscribed with the names of Academy graduates, family members, and friends of the Academy.

Forever link yourself or a loved one to the tradition and future of the Air Force Academy by purchasing an engraved granite commemorative paver.

Placing a commemorative brick at the paver park provides a unique and lasting way to honor someone's life and achievements and to continue the heritage and traditions of the Academy.

For a gift of $250, a 4" x 8" granite brick inscribed with your loved one's name will be placed in the paver park for all to see. Pavers are placed twice a year, in May and September.

All orders received July 16 – April 8th will be installed by the next Air Force Academy Graduation Day.

All orders received April 9th – July 1st will be installed by the next Air Force Academy Homecoming Weekend.

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